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The Receptive

Monthly Women's Qigong & Non-Linear Movement Class

Saturday October 23 - The Receptive - Exploring the Spontaneous within.

In this class we will be exploring the Wuxi stance of the Taijiwuxigong tradition. It is a meditative Qigong posture that gives permission to the body to move spontaneously as, and if, it needs to. When practised regularly, one begins to access this natural and spontaneous unfolding of movement. This brings with it a greater bodily and emotional awareness, and an increased sense of health and well-being. 

We will also spend time with some Non-Linear Movement, an intuitive somatic practice, that allows the body to guide us into areas of deeper feeling.

Cost: £15

There will be limited places for in-person practice, so please book early if you would like to attend.

Please email info@thesacredtree.co.uk


Time: 10am-11.30am


Where: Grange Park, London N21. Venue to be confirmed.